Thursday, January 29, 2009

Final Blog

I thought the technologies we used this semester were helpful, and also a lot of fun. First off, the wikispaces were really fun. They brought the groups together instead of having everyone off doing their own thing. Next, Google Docs. I thought this was cool because you could have someone edit your paper anywhere they had an Internet connection. That was pretty cool. Also, writers helper. This was a great way to get rid of "to be" verbs in an essay. It was a great tool. Blogger is pretty cool too. Its a different and fun way to do assignments. I really liked it. Therefore, I liked the technologies we used this semester.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The saying that there's daggers in men's smiles is sometimes true. I've had a few expiriences myself where it has been true. One time My sister had a friend over. He seemed pretty nice. He complemented me on my drumming and everything. He smiled a lot too. I had been listenin to my mp3 player. I was in a band at the time so I went out into the garage to practice, leaving my mp3 player on the counter. Well my band and I practiced for about an hour and then we took a break. I went inside to get my mp3 player, but it was gone! I looked everywhere for it but it was nowhere to be found. It turns out my sisters friend took it. Even though he seemed so nice and smiled so much, he still took it. He truly had daggers in his smile. Women can have daggers in their smiles too, though. My sister truly has daggers in her smile. Jk Alysssa. For a real example, Lady Macbeth. She is the one that made Macbeth kill King Duncan. She has more daggers in her smile than Macbeth does. So men aren't the only ones that have daggers in their smiles. Woman do too